Singapore Serial : Get the Peaceful Feeling in Gardens by the Bay

In order to get a calm heart, we should be in the place that has a good aura to be absorbed in ourselves to get the comfort feeling. Different people will have different ways to gain that good aura. For instance, beaches, mountain, cafes, malls, city atmosphere and gardens will be the places that mostContinue reading “Singapore Serial : Get the Peaceful Feeling in Gardens by the Bay”

Event Story : What happened in I•Seoul•U event?

Where there were a crowd, the usual things that’d be happened were music concert, tourism exhibition, food exhibition or in-store sales promotion. When I went to Lotte Avenue on last weekend, I amaze with a crowd wave to the screen on The Seoul Live Streaming Zone. I don’t know what were happened in the beginning.Continue reading “Event Story : What happened in I•Seoul•U event?”