Bersih dan Segar Setelah Aktivitas Outdoor

Bersih dan segar setelah aktivitas outdoor harus selalu diperhatikan, baik dengan mengaplikasikan skincare favorit kalian juga dengan membersihkan dengan menggunakan sabun setelah aktivitas diluar. Pada artikel saya kali ini, saya akan berbagi pengalaman mengenai hal-hal yang saya lakukan setelah aktivitas outdoor. Selain itu saya akan menceritakan tentang 3 product skincare yang saya gunakan setiap hari.

Make Our Life Easier Through Scents

Do you believe that our life will become easier if we spray lots of fragrance in our whole body? Do you agree with the above question? At first, I didn’t agree at all because I believe that the ease in our life can be caused by our efforts that involve our brains and heart toContinue reading “Make Our Life Easier Through Scents”

My Scent on August

I really love perfume or body spray, especially for a body refreshment or as a medicine to improve my mood. Why is that? In my opinion, the scent is one of the tools that have an inner connection with our soul and it will have some good effects or bad ones. I had the experiences,Continue reading “My Scent on August”