Singapore Serial : Get the Peaceful Feeling in Gardens by the Bay

In order to get a calm heart, we should be in the place that has a good aura to be absorbed in ourselves to get the comfort feeling. Different people will have different ways to gain that good aura. For instance, beaches, mountain, cafes, malls, city atmosphere and gardens will be the places that mostContinue reading “Singapore Serial : Get the Peaceful Feeling in Gardens by the Bay”

Review – Orange Feel So Good

Hi everyone, The comfort ambience or a convenience environment can create the best mood for most people and also can boost the concentration. That’s my opinion. I have some experiences in getting my mood back by sitting in the chosen comfort places for hours or finishing my tasks in only 2 hours. I used toContinue reading “Review – Orange Feel So Good”

Hobart City at Night

I was about curious about the night life in Hobart, Australia. Honestly, at the first night my friend and I shocked because most of the restaurants were closed at night. We stayed in the hotel in CBD and we thought that we were easy to find the restaurant to have dinner. Believe it or not,Continue reading “Hobart City at Night”