Review Madame Gie (Video)

Produk lokal Indonesia saat ini sangat beragam dan banyak sekali pilihannya, termasuk produk Madame Gie. Di vlog saya ini, saya akan menceritakan atau review produk-produk Madame Gie yang saya beli. Semoga membantu kalian dalam memilih.

Review : Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

The wrecked color and broken shape of eyebrows would be the most dangerous thing for most women. As we know that eyebrows can talk much rather than the facial powder, which means that we can depend on the eyebrows shape only and using less make-up to get the proper look for work or go toContinue reading “Review : Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil”

MAVALA : Double-Lash — Does It Grow the Eyelashes Well?

Get the long eyelashes will reduce our efforts to make our eyes sharp and pretty. But, how if we have a short eyelashes permanently? I do! That would be my honest confession. I have short eyelashes that need an extra effort to make it longer. I tried to applied Vaseline in all over my eyelashesContinue reading “MAVALA : Double-Lash — Does It Grow the Eyelashes Well?”