Review Madame Gie (Video)

Produk lokal Indonesia saat ini sangat beragam dan banyak sekali pilihannya, termasuk produk Madame Gie. Di vlog saya ini, saya akan menceritakan atau review produk-produk Madame Gie yang saya beli. Semoga membantu kalian dalam memilih.

Easy Smoky Eye SEPHORA to Make Your Eyes’ Shape Lively

To define our eyes sharpened, eyeliner will be one of the powerful tools that can make it happened in easy way. However, sometimes we are spending to much time just to put the line on or we do the shape mistakenly. At the beginning of the day, we as a woman do a lot ofContinue reading “Easy Smoky Eye SEPHORA to Make Your Eyes’ Shape Lively”

Colourfulness of the Eyeliner

How do minimize the fade of the eyeliner under the eye, which will create a dull look? Another makeup tools that can change your look in a second would be the eyeliner. This magic tool can make your eyes look bigger or even smaller. It also can make the eye get a better shape. InContinue reading “Colourfulness of the Eyeliner”