Looking like a clown would be the scariest thing that will be happened to most woman, especially if we wear a heavy make-up during the day time. Absolutely, lots of people will scream if they see us wearing a strong contrast color in our face. Otherwise, color is the most important thing in fashion andContinue reading “[Review] : FACE RECIPE TRI-ME EYE SHADOW”

Get Our Look with a Star Lash Mascara and a Pop Rouge Eyeshadow from Emina

The eye makeup can make our eyes look brighter and have a deep look. The fresh look also can be gained if we choose the right eye makeup. However, if we use the wrong shade, the eye bruises will be the end result. The eye makeup products that usually be used for most women areContinue reading “Get Our Look with a Star Lash Mascara and a Pop Rouge Eyeshadow from Emina”

The Eyeshadow & Eyeliner for Smoothen Your Eyebrow

Eyebrow is one of the crucial things that should be concerned by most women. The shape of your eyebrow can give many characters of you but it can also give the awkward look. How it can be done in the proper way? I started to shape my eyebrow since high school and the trend wasContinue reading “The Eyeshadow & Eyeliner for Smoothen Your Eyebrow”