POND’S MAGIC POWDER – Is it for baby?

Having a light makeup is a must especially if we want to treat our skin well. Let see what POND’S Magic Powder can do with the facial skin.


How to Select a Brush?

Hi all, In this post, I will talk about how do I select the right brush for applying the powder and a shimmer. Sometimes, I, personally, get confused about the function of each brush with different shapes. At first, I thought that all brushes can be used for all application without any specifications. Then, I continue to browse from youtube about how to use a brush spefically, but I ended up to use a brush based on my convenience in applying makeup. []

Review : Purifying Mask PALMER’S

A weekly mask is a weekly routine especially for women. The fresh face is required for a daily basis though. And the right mask should be used for getting the maximum result. I will share my experience on using my weekly mask. I use to apply a face mask twice a week, which are on Wednesday and Sunday. Why do I choose Wednesday? Because it is in the middle of the week and I have look fresh for the rest of the []

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