Water-Based Skincare Products for My Daily Use

How can we protect our facial skin from any ingredients of our daily cosmetics? Personally, I don’t wear a heavy make up on my daily activities. I only use CC or BB cream, compact powder, blush on, shading and eyelashes. It is just a simple make up but I need minutes for the application inContinue reading “Water-Based Skincare Products for My Daily Use”

[Review] : Wardah Anti Aging Intensive Serum (Renew You)

A fresh looking facial skin every morning will be the dream for most women. It will boost our moods for the rest of the day because the healthy skin may absorb the skincare and make up properly. Do we need a special treatment at night to our facial skin? Doing the skincare routine is theContinue reading “[Review] : Wardah Anti Aging Intensive Serum (Renew You)”