Get Healthy by Eating One Piece of Granola Cookies During Snack Time

Eat fast and act fast are the habits that face by most people who live in the busy city and do lots of hectic works. We have to do anything fast or we have left behind. The fast pace behavior that we experience while living in the busy city make us think fast of whateverContinue reading “Get Healthy by Eating One Piece of Granola Cookies During Snack Time”

Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey

As a beauty blogger, the things that I won’t forget to bring during traveling are the skincare products and cosmetics. And as a travel blogger, I always curious to try local foods and beverages everywhere I travel. Basically, every city and country have their own typical foods and beverages, which sometimes we could not findContinue reading “Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey”

Singapore Serial : My First Time Food while in Singapore

Every city has its own uniqueness, in terms of foods, beverages, places, cultures or even people. We never know those uniqueness, if we never get engaged in each situation. These differentiation will be the useful sources for the interesting story creation or even the memorable experience.  Try the new things is my favorite hobby whileContinue reading “Singapore Serial : My First Time Food while in Singapore”