How to Look Brighter during Tiring Moment (Video Version)

The brighter look on our facial skin will shower the freshness on ours even though we are on a super tiring moment. How can we apply it in easy way? This content would be different from previous contents. I will combine the written and video version, which I thought that the visual thing would beContinue reading “How to Look Brighter during Tiring Moment (Video Version)”

Get Fresh Get Belia Body Spray!

The fresh body will have the result to the fresh mind. That’s one of my thoughts about the scents or fragrances. The nice scent will drive our brain for better performance, including thinking and get the better mood.  The body spray will be my first choice before the perfume to refresh my body skin duringContinue reading “Get Fresh Get Belia Body Spray!”

Well Moisturized by a Strawberry Soap?

Hello friends, I love any kind of skincares too much, from top to bottom of my body. I regularly curious with some skincare that attract my vision at the first sight, especially the cute packaging. Then, I continue to explore the ingredients and benefits of those from the information in the back of the packaging,Continue reading “Well Moisturized by a Strawberry Soap?”