Get Glowing with Rice Water Bright from the Face Shop

It is a dream to get a glowing skin only from the cleansing product. It will reduce the usage of the skincare products to be absorbed into the skin everyday, in order to get the glowing effect. However, there are only few cleansing products offering the essential that can make your skin glowing as wellContinue reading “Get Glowing with Rice Water Bright from the Face Shop”

Beauty Routines on a weekend

Hi everyone, For me, the weekend time is a heaven, especially to do the beauty routines. After tiring days during weekdays, facial skin need special treatments at the end of the week, which are Saturday and Sunday. I usually do the skincare treatment every Wednesday and Sunday. I choose Wednesday, because it is in theContinue reading “Beauty Routines on a weekend”

How to Select a Brush?

Hi all, In this post, I will talk about how do I select the right brush for applying the powder and a shimmer. Sometimes, I, personally, get confused about the function of each brush with different shapes. At first, I thought that all brushes can be used for all application without any specifications. Then, IContinue reading “How to Select a Brush?”