Bersih dan Segar Setelah Aktivitas Outdoor

Bersih dan segar setelah aktivitas outdoor harus selalu diperhatikan, baik dengan mengaplikasikan skincare favorit kalian juga dengan membersihkan dengan menggunakan sabun setelah aktivitas diluar. Pada artikel saya kali ini, saya akan berbagi pengalaman mengenai hal-hal yang saya lakukan setelah aktivitas outdoor. Selain itu saya akan menceritakan tentang 3 product skincare yang saya gunakan setiap hari.

SPAPharma Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

The skin dryness will be the potential thing to be happened to our skin, especially if we do the rough work during the day or as the affection of the polution. Can the body lotion able to solve this problem? In general, the body lotion can be used as the moisturizer for our skin asContinue reading “SPAPharma Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream”

Review: Coconut Oil Hand Cream – PALMER’S

Hi everyone, As I mentioned in my previous posts that I really in love with any kind of lotions and body spray. I love to feel fresh and smell good by spraying the body spray every 2 hours and I like my skin to keep moisturized in any weathers. That would be the reason whyContinue reading “Review: Coconut Oil Hand Cream – PALMER’S”