The Indonesian Healthy Food

Hi all, Actually, I already put the content for this post previously. But after I checked the post, the content is blank. I don’t know why.  Now, I rewrite about the Indonesian food that we had last weekend. As we know that most of Indonesian food are very tasty and each of food have differentContinue reading “The Indonesian Healthy Food”

Rest the Foot Conveniently

Hi all, What will you do to give your foot relaxation after wearing high heels for more than 8 hours or do a busy walking during the day? Sometimes, we don’t realise that our non stop activities can tiring our foot especially soles of the feet. It holds back our body weight whether we don’tContinue reading “Rest the Foot Conveniently”

Keep Clean and Sanitizes by Carex

Hi! It’s me again … In this post, I want to talk about the cleanliness, healthy and also the freshness. As I mentioned in my previous post that I am addicted to anything but spray and something fresh. I always feel dirt after touching something improper. And I am lazy to go to toilet justContinue reading “Keep Clean and Sanitizes by Carex”