My Emirgan Park Article has been PUBLISHED!

Traveling would be one of the factors that can get rid of the bad mood and change it to the best mood ever. Actually, that works well for me. I need traveling every year just to refresh my mind and I also be able to see the other beauty of the wold. I already postedContinue reading “My Emirgan Park Article has been PUBLISHED!”

Explore Tulips in Emirgan Park

Tulips can be defined as a generally perfect love and it has its own significance based on the colors of the flowers. When we heard about Tulips, our mind immediately refers to the countries that known as the place of Tulips’ and Tulips was originated from these countries since centuries ago, which are Turkey andContinue reading “Explore Tulips in Emirgan Park”

Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey

As a beauty blogger, the things that I won’t forget to bring during traveling are the skincare products and cosmetics. And as a travel blogger, I always curious to try local foods and beverages everywhere I travel. Basically, every city and country have their own typical foods and beverages, which sometimes we could not findContinue reading “Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey”