Get Frozen in the Old Town of Istanbul

Turkey Honestly, visiting this country was beyond my expectation. During my religious journey (Umrah) on last March – April 2019, I did not plan to visit Turkey as my initial visit. I just planned to go to Madinah and Mecca directly and focus on my worship. However, my plan has changed. Prior to Mecca andContinue reading “Get Frozen in the Old Town of Istanbul”

To Get the Proper Look with Less Makeup during Traveling

Who wants to bring a lot of makeup during traveling? Who desires to be pretty during holiday? Who need to have a fresh looking during the break? I am responsible to answer those questions because my answer would be “ME”. The issue would be “how to be pretty in the simple way? ” Actually, thisContinue reading “To Get the Proper Look with Less Makeup during Traveling”

Singapore Serial : Enjoying the time in Starbucks

If you do traveling for work, spending about one hour in the comfort place is very important. I know it is not common for some people, but it works well for me in balancing the holiday moment and do some working tasks. How did I do that and how? For me, traveling means a workContinue reading “Singapore Serial : Enjoying the time in Starbucks”