Water-Based Skincare Products for My Daily Use

How can we protect our facial skin from any ingredients of our daily cosmetics? Personally, I don’t wear a heavy make up on my daily activities. I only use CC or BB cream, compact powder, blush on, shading and eyelashes. It is just a simple make up but I need minutes for the application inContinue reading “Water-Based Skincare Products for My Daily Use”

Get a Lively Facial Skin with ECO SOUL CHEEK GRADATION from the SAEM

Do we have to apply a heavy makeup to get the brighter facial skin and better look for daily activities? Absolutely NOT! How can we get that proper look with less makeup? A blush on can be one of the answers to the above question. A blush on can help the face to have theContinue reading “Get a Lively Facial Skin with ECO SOUL CHEEK GRADATION from the SAEM”

Event Story : What happened in I•Seoul•U event?

Where there were a crowd, the usual things that’d be happened were music concert, tourism exhibition, food exhibition or in-store sales promotion. When I went to Lotte Avenue on last weekend, I amaze with a crowd wave to the screen on The Seoul Live Streaming Zone. I don’t know what were happened in the beginning.Continue reading “Event Story : What happened in I•Seoul•U event?”