Kulit Tangan Jadi Kering Karena Cuci Tangan Terus

Kulit tangan menjadi kering merupakan hal yang wajar karena kita kerap melakukan cuci tangan. Hal tersebut harus tetap dilakukan, tapi bagaimana caranya agar kulit tangan tetap terjaga kondisinya.

What should I say about Coconut Oil Hand Cream from Palmer’s?

I had review this brand previously as you check in this link. I love this brand actually. But I feel something different when I apply this hand lotion compare to the Vaseline body lotion that I also review it in here. I use to bring the Coconut Oil hand cream from Palmer’s everyday as IContinue reading “What should I say about Coconut Oil Hand Cream from Palmer’s?”

It’s a Must for June

Hi friends, June is the best month for cleaning our body, make it healthier and get the best scent ever. I, personally, love to bring all skincare and all makeup that I have for accompany me on my daily activities. However, my bag was getting heavier and I have to select the best priority ofContinue reading “It’s a Must for June”