Chicken Katsu For Lunch ?

 Hello friends, My blog posts are mostly talking about my experience in traveling, beauty products and foods. Why? Because I really love those three. Those are my life and my soul. I’ll get recharge whenever I experience with all of those and share them with you. Currently, I had delicious lunch in the campus canteenContinue reading “Chicken Katsu For Lunch ?”

Delicious Oxtail Soup

It would be another dish that I want to talk about in my blog post. The Oxtail Soup. There are many restaurants in Jakarta that sell this dish. Some of them sell in a package with rice and drink and others just sell them just a soup by itself. The portion also varies, which areContinue reading “Delicious Oxtail Soup”

All About the Lost Food

I really love foods and a coffee. I know that there are not matched at all! But I always finish my foods with anykind of hot coffees. I feel complete enough to warm my stomach. I miss this salted fish fried rice. In Jakarta, I rarely find the fried rice with Jambal fish in anyContinue reading “All About the Lost Food”