How the Matte Color can Give You the Natural Look

Lipstick will be one of the powerful tools that most women need to shower their aura out everyday. Although we still need other makeup products to be applied, we won’t leave our lips without a lip color. Different types of lipstick would be chosen based on the types of lips. As the example, I haveContinue reading “How the Matte Color can Give You the Natural Look”

Slimmer Face Shape = Best Countour

Hi all,…  As we all know that woman is always a woman. Anything to have the best of performance is one of woman natures. I, as a woman, want to have the slim face with the best shape and fresh look everyday. I’ll build better mood if I perform well in every moment. However, IContinue reading “Slimmer Face Shape = Best Countour”

My Makeup Pouch on June

Hi everyone ! I am a typical woman who always addicted to cosmetics and ranges of skincare. I feel so empty everytime I forget to bring my makeup pouch. But, I don’t like to bring all my makeups for daily activities. I prefer to do the proper skincare treatment in advance and just apply theContinue reading “My Makeup Pouch on June”