My Facial Skin becomes Glow after using PIXY Dewy Cushion.True or False?

Keep simple but still has the beauty look. The above sentence would be the dream of most of women to get the beauty look with light make up. The beauty look means the look with less imperfection, such as uneven skin tone, acne and irritation skin. Usually, when my skin get into the imperfection, especiallyContinue reading “My Facial Skin becomes Glow after using PIXY Dewy Cushion.True or False?”

Review : Pure Rouge Blusher by LAKME 9TO5

Having a thin face shape is every woman in the world’s dream. Why? Because, usually a woman, who has a sharp face shape, will show a strong face character and there will be lots of easiness in applying the make-up. However, there are not all women have a sharp face shape and some of themContinue reading “Review : Pure Rouge Blusher by LAKME 9TO5”


Looking like a clown would be the scariest thing that will be happened to most woman, especially if we wear a heavy make-up during the day time. Absolutely, lots of people will scream if they see us wearing a strong contrast color in our face. Otherwise, color is the most important thing in fashion andContinue reading “[Review] : FACE RECIPE TRI-ME EYE SHADOW”