Pulang … |Itinerary Melbourne Day 1

Setelah pandemi usai, saya memiliki rencana untuk mengunjungi kota Melbourne, Australia. Kota dimana saya menemukan rumah untuk hati saya. Pada artikel ini, saya share Itinerary Melbourne Day 1 yang benar-benar akan saya aplikasikan pada perjalanan saya ke Melbourne.

My Travel Itinerary in Melbourne with ZERO COST for City Transportation

We can say that the holiday would be perfect if we spend our days in the place or destination that we can get the comfort feeling during the journey without any boredom. In that place, we also able to refresh our heart and mind during the time. I will choose Melbourne, Australia as the bestContinue reading “My Travel Itinerary in Melbourne with ZERO COST for City Transportation”

Understand more about Transportation Cards

Hi all, During traveling, I always prepare lots of detail information in order to avoid of getting lost, such as the information about the main roads and what’s in there, places of attraction, typical culinary in that area, transportation modes within the city or out of town and other information that important to be consideredContinue reading “Understand more about Transportation Cards”