Review : Harem’s Collagen Facial Mask & Face Cream

Perawatan kulit tidak bisa tidak harus kita lakukan setiap hari. Hal tersebut berfungsi untuk menjaga kesehatan dan kelembaban kulit. Plus, kulit akan lebih terawat dan pastinya akan terlihat awet muda.

The Small Things in the Pouch

Hi all, During daytime, sometimes we just want to put all stuffs at home into the bag but it will be impossible. The bag will be very heavy and it will not convenient for you to bring more than 6 hours. The challenge thing that select the most important stuffs that should not leave atContinue reading “The Small Things in the Pouch”

Well Moisturized by a Strawberry Soap?

Hello friends, I love any kind of skincares too much, from top to bottom of my body. I regularly curious with some skincare that attract my vision at the first sight, especially the cute packaging. Then, I continue to explore the ingredients and benefits of those from the information in the back of the packaging,Continue reading “Well Moisturized by a Strawberry Soap?”