SPAPharma Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

The skin dryness will be the potential thing to be happened to our skin, especially if we do the rough work during the day or as the affection of the polution. Can the body lotion able to solve this problem? In general, the body lotion can be used as the moisturizer for our skin asContinue reading “SPAPharma Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream”

Keep Moisturized Your Skin during a LONG HOLIDAY!

Having a moisturized body skin is really important, which is not only for women but also for men. It is not about the beauty, but it is for the healthy skin purpose. The skin will be protected from drought and will have the chewy skin instead. As we know that our skin always face varietyContinue reading “Keep Moisturized Your Skin during a LONG HOLIDAY!”

A Moisture Rich Night Cream by Palmer’s

A night cream is one of the crucial skincare products that we should apply during a night skincare treatment. It can help skin to regenerate while we sleep. As I have mentioned in my previous post about A Night Skincare Treatment is Important OR NOT? , there are some skincare treatment products that we shouldContinue reading “A Moisture Rich Night Cream by Palmer’s”