A Unique Natural Color by MAC Lipstic

Natural color is the best color, especially for a lipstick color. Why? Because it might look like a ‘no makeup look’ and the whole face will shine naturally. The nude color is my favorite color, eventhough I supposed to put the bright color instead as I have the Cool Underskin Tone. I prefer to wearContinue reading “A Unique Natural Color by MAC Lipstic”

My Favorite Blusher and Bronzer

Hi everyone, I realize that makeup is my life. I can’t live without this. This is not drama, but it is real. My mood can be changed easily every time I experience with makeup and also skincare. In this post, I really want to share with you about my favorite blusher and bronzer that IContinue reading “My Favorite Blusher and Bronzer”

Express Your Shape by Contouring

In everyday look, most ladies will always concern about how they can give the best shape and outlook especially in their face shape. Some of them took the surgery just to have the better shape for every single part of their face, such as nose, jaw, cheek, chin, eyes, and other parts that they wantContinue reading “Express Your Shape by Contouring”