Review : Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser

Cannot be denied that most woman wear make up everyday for work, study and other outdoor activities. The skincare products have also applied every day and night to maintain our skin to be more moisturized, hydrate and absolutely healthier. However, we need to clean all the dirt from our facial skin, including the skincare products.Continue reading “Review : Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser”

Double Cleansing with PALMER’S and PONDS

What will you say if you hear the words of “Double Cleansing? “. It is actually the common cleansing method that we use to hear on current days. This method is workable effectively to clean the surface skin from any makeup that you use in daily base by using oil, balm, micellar water and aContinue reading “Double Cleansing with PALMER’S and PONDS”