Singapore Serial: Get Ready for the Trip

Get lost in Singapore? Never. There are a lot things that should be considered before packing and buy the ticket. And by doing this, you’ll enjoy Singapore without getting lost. Who has never been to Singapore? I believe that most people have already visited this city. As one of favorite cities in Asian countries, thereContinue reading “Singapore Serial: Get Ready for the Trip”

Ready for a Long Holiday?

A holiday can be a break for our brains and also for our physics. Everybody need a break to get the fresh feeling and start a new day with the refresh mind. The Christmas and a New Year holiday is only counting within days and we are so excited about it. A long holiday meansContinue reading “Ready for a Long Holiday?”

What to do before you Travel

Hi everyone,  As I mentioned earlier, I really love to travel. I am addicted to it. I love to explore some new things and find the unique ones and get the peaceful feeling in a beautiful scenery. Usually, about one year before traveling, I prepare a lot of stuff in order to do some savings.Continue reading “What to do before you Travel”