The World Landmarks & Jejamuran | Jogja Trip

The world of landmarks merupakan tempat wisata di Jogja yang memberikan informasi mengenai icon dunia kepada anak-anak. Dan tidak jauh dari tempat tersebut, kita dapat menikmati restaurant serba jamur yang bernama Jejamuran.

Enjoy the Day at The Cutt Grilled House

By sitting in the right place, our moods will change automatically. Do you agree with that? The restaurant or cafe are one of the favorite places to be chosen for most people in current days. There are a lot of people prefer to have a meeting in those places instead of at the office. OrContinue reading “Enjoy the Day at The Cutt Grilled House”

Have the Full Stomach in Chopstix

The taste of food sometimes is reflected by the restaurant’s atmosphere. Actually, this is my main factor to choose the right restaurant to have the best taste of food that I have ordered. It would be the best if the restaurant is clean, hygiene and not too crowded, which means that the restaurant should beContinue reading “Have the Full Stomach in Chopstix”