The Update Review of the Perfecting Facial Oil from PALMER’S

Does the Perfecting Facial Oil work well in reducing the appearance of fine lines in our facial skin, especially in the age above 35 years old? As we know that a lot of skincare brands offer variety products to solve problems that are usually faced by women. Acnes, fine lines, gloomy skin color, blackheads, sunburnContinue reading “The Update Review of the Perfecting Facial Oil from PALMER’S”

How to get the Right Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

In order to have a healthy skin, keeping your skin moisturized 24/7 is very important. It will works for the facial skin and also for the body skin. By being moisturized, the skin won’t be happened too dry and the healthy skin will absorb the next skin treatment more proper. For the facial skin, usingContinue reading “How to get the Right Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin”

Get Fresh Get Belia Body Spray!

The fresh body will have the result to the fresh mind. That’s one of my thoughts about the scents or fragrances. The nice scent will drive our brain for better performance, including thinking and get the better mood.  The body spray will be my first choice before the perfume to refresh my body skin duringContinue reading “Get Fresh Get Belia Body Spray!”