Shape Your Face Naturally by Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder

Reassert the face is one of the things that require in applying daily makeup. It will make the face has a good shape and it also can support the look of other makeup application, such as blush on, bb cream, face powder and others. Sometimes, I feel that by shading my face, my face lookContinue reading “Shape Your Face Naturally by Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder”

My Daily Perfume Stick by Zara

A fragrance is always be the one of tools for women in showering our aura everyday. The perfume is varies based on people personality, mood and also depend on the events. If we want to express the happy feeling during the day, as the example, we prefer to have the fresh perfume. However, we preferContinue reading “My Daily Perfume Stick by Zara”

Get Your Comfort at Brownbag Cafe

Cafe is my favorite place to relax or even to do some deadlines. The environment can motivate our heart and brain to finish our tasks faster rather than sitting in our common favorite places, such as our lovely home or other cafes or restaurants that we used to hangout every week. The cafe don’t haveContinue reading “Get Your Comfort at Brownbag Cafe”