Delicious Padang Cuisines

No one deny that everybody loves food, any kind of foods. You can see from the fact that everywhere we are traveling to other cities or countries, we will try the local food. Sometimes, we spend few days just to do the culinary journey. Because in every region, they have the typical food with aContinue reading “Delicious Padang Cuisines”

Get the Natural Matte Look with BB cream from Maybelline

A perfect daily look will be one of the most important thing for most women. We will feel very confidence if we have the proper makeup that suitable with our style. For some women, they do makeup everyday for about 1 to 2 hours before start their activities. That would be a long effort, especiallyContinue reading “Get the Natural Matte Look with BB cream from Maybelline”

Review – Makeup Remover Neutrogena

During traveling, we have to be clever in choosing what products that are needed to be in the luggage, such as clothing, accessories, footwear, toiletries, cosmetics, business utilities, and other things that might be a trouble if you left those at home. I always confuse what to bring during traveling, especially in terms of theContinue reading “Review – Makeup Remover Neutrogena”