Review – Pure White Brightening Essence (the SAEM)

Every woman always connected with the kind of skincare and makeup that they used to apply on daily basis. One of the reasons would be all woman desire to have a shiny and healthy skin naturally. Some of them apply a lot of makeup to cover all complexion, uneven skin tone and the acne. However,Continue reading “Review – Pure White Brightening Essence (the SAEM)”

Say Goodbye to Signature

Actually, this is not my first post reviewing Signature serum from the Faceshop. I reviewed it on my previous post that can be clicked through this LINK. Then, why did I want to talk about this product in this post? Because, it did not sell in all the Faceshop stores in Indonesia anymore. Most ofContinue reading “Say Goodbye to Signature”

Enjoy the weekend at Por Qué No Restaurant

Where can we find the comfort place with a great view to spend the weekend? Do you ever feel bored sitting in the restaurant or cafe at the mall during weekend? I do. Sometimes, I feel bored and need another places to go on Saturday with less crowd. I like to spend my time inContinue reading “Enjoy the weekend at Por Qué No Restaurant”