My Favorite Blusher and Bronzer

Hi everyone, I realize that makeup is my life. I can’t live without this. This is not drama, but it is real. My mood can be changed easily every time I experience with makeup and also skincare. In this post, I really want to share with you about my favorite blusher and bronzer that IContinue reading “My Favorite Blusher and Bronzer”

The Small Things in the Pouch

Hi all, During daytime, sometimes we just want to put all stuffs at home into the bag but it will be impossible. The bag will be very heavy and it will not convenient for you to bring more than 6 hours. The challenge thing that select the most important stuffs that should not leave atContinue reading “The Small Things in the Pouch”

What do I say about Lip Tint from Maybelline and a Revlon Lipstick?

Hi everyone, As a woman, lipstick can be one of powerful makeup tools that can make your performance look different and look better. However, the wrong choice of lipstick color can also make the performance get worse. Previously, I bought the lipstick based on the current trends or by looking at what the celebrities wearContinue reading “What do I say about Lip Tint from Maybelline and a Revlon Lipstick?”