Review: Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail (the SAEM)

Hi all, On my last weekend, my friend and I searched through the cosmetic stores for hours to browse the skincare and cosmetics to try. Actually, we have the regular skincare that we always use for daily basis as well as the cosmetics. However, I, personally, love to try another products in order to haveContinue reading “Review: Pure Natural Mask Sheet Snail (the SAEM)”

What is My Review on Ellips Vitamin Hair Mask?

Hi everyone, I am back with the story of my hair condition and how to do with it. When I was in Melbourne, my hair is very smooth and well-moisturized eventhough I never do any regular treatment for my hair like hair spa, hair mask, creambath and any other hair treatment. The beauty of myContinue reading “What is My Review on Ellips Vitamin Hair Mask?”

Goodbye My Ran Out Body Spray

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I love body spray so much. I have tried many local and International brands. I love all of them. The scents would give me the extra energy, especially when I lost my mood. I believe that the body spray and perfume have lots of benefit for body, skinContinue reading “Goodbye My Ran Out Body Spray”