Get the Creativity by Mini Pop

Puzzle is the simple thing that can make your fingers keep active and your brain still works with the tone. Actually, this game is dedicated for kids for exercising their brains and muscles. It is very effective and it absolutely better than games in a gadget. Usually, the puzzle is categorized according to their ageContinue reading “Get the Creativity by Mini Pop”

Empty Bottles on July

Hi all, I’m back with the review of empty bottles of mine on this July. I always keep the body sprays, perfumes and a toner to be consumed everyday. And it usually ran out for a moth or a bit more. I never stick to one brand, I prefer to experience with the scent andContinue reading “Empty Bottles on July”

Palmolive or Bath & BodyWorks

Cleanliness is one of the important factors to get the healthy life. That’s my opinion though. Therefore, all about the cleaning stuffs would be the most interesting story to tell. One of the cleaning stuffs that I love it so much is the hand sanitizer. I am very addicted to this product because sometimes IContinue reading “Palmolive or Bath & BodyWorks”