What should I say about Coconut Oil Hand Cream from Palmer’s?

I had review this brand previously as you check in this link. I love this brand actually. But I feel something different when I apply this hand lotion compare to the Vaseline body lotion that I also review it in here. I use to bring the Coconut Oil hand cream from Palmer’s everyday as IContinue reading “What should I say about Coconut Oil Hand Cream from Palmer’s?”

My Scent on August

I really love perfume or body spray, especially for a body refreshment or as a medicine to improve my mood. Why is that? In my opinion, the scent is one of the tools that have an inner connection with our soul and it will have some good effects or bad ones. I had the experiences,Continue reading “My Scent on August”

The Taste of Almond Crispy Cheese

Who will say no for a snack? Actually, I won’t. I am not a typical of person who eat snacks every minutes. But I do loves snacks during my hectic hours or while bloging. There are many snacks that I prefer to have, which are chips, cookies, crackers, chocolate bar, slices of seaweed, fries, andContinue reading “The Taste of Almond Crispy Cheese”