Express Your Shape by Contouring

In everyday look, most ladies will always concern about how they can give the best shape and outlook especially in their face shape. Some of them took the surgery just to have the better shape for every single part of their face, such as nose, jaw, cheek, chin, eyes, and other parts that they wantContinue reading “Express Your Shape by Contouring”

REVIEW – OFRA Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the makeup tools that every women rely on. Its colors are able to give lots of effect for our outlook. As an example, if we want to wear a very light makeup on our face, we better to wear a very bright color of lipstick. It will give brightness on ourContinue reading “REVIEW – OFRA Lipstick”

Review: Coconut Oil Hand Cream – PALMER’S

Hi everyone, As I mentioned in my previous posts that I really in love with any kind of lotions and body spray. I love to feel fresh and smell good by spraying the body spray every 2 hours and I like my skin to keep moisturized in any weathers. That would be the reason whyContinue reading “Review: Coconut Oil Hand Cream – PALMER’S”