Review: Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation – The Body Shop

Hi all, In this post, I will tell you about the liquid foundation that I want to review. Sometimes, I still need foundation before applying the compact powder to get the proper look for work. But not every day though. If I want to have a light makeup, I just apply a BB cream insteadContinue reading “Review: Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation – The Body Shop”

The Compact Shape for Beauty Treatment during Traveling

Hi all, During traveling, I always bring most of my skincare products for my daily treatment. However, some people do not bring all of their treatment because there will be lots of spaces needed only for these products. There are some skincare products that I always bring every time I travel. Serum – I alwaysContinue reading “The Compact Shape for Beauty Treatment during Traveling”

Beauty Routines on a weekend

Hi everyone, For me, the weekend time is a heaven, especially to do the beauty routines. After tiring days during weekdays, facial skin need special treatments at the end of the week, which are Saturday and Sunday. I usually do the skincare treatment every Wednesday and Sunday. I choose Wednesday, because it is in theContinue reading “Beauty Routines on a weekend”