Why Face Toner is Important?

Hi all, I’m back again with the review of the face toner that I currently use for my daily treatment, which is Wardah. This is the brand from Indonesia that is claimed as the Halal cosmetic. This brand has various series of treatment based on our needs. This hydrating series has the milk cleanser toContinue reading “Why Face Toner is Important?”

Review: Bio-Oil

Hi all, Happy Sunday! I’m back with my review on my favourite skincare to smooth my body skin. Regularly, I use body lotion everyday after shower, hand lotion every 2 hours and body scrub every week. I feel that it is not just enough. I still need more skincare to smooth my skin more andContinue reading “Review: Bio-Oil”

Less Makeup on Weekend

Hi all, During the weekdays, I used to apply the proper makeup for work that consist of a serum, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, shimmer or blush on, contour, eyebrows, and a lipstick. I know it is thick and heavy enough but I need to have a proper outlook for work. And on the weekend my skinContinue reading “Less Makeup on Weekend”