Does Acnes Sealing Jell Work Well for Your Acne?

Which woman does not panic if acne springs, especially if we plan to have a date or we have the important appointment that require us to dress up. Panic will be the first thing happens then it will be ended with covering acne with lots of concealers. We just don’t realise that the fake coverage will make acne look more obvious. So, how to solve this problem? There are some period that woman have higher hormone that can’t be controlled. For instance, []

The effect of Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier to My Skin

There are so many beauty brands offer the micellar cleansing water to remove all makeup and dirt from our face. Does all micellar water works perfectly according to our expectation? Or does it make our face get worst because of the ingredients? The answer would be depends on our skin types. There are not all skin types able to absorb all types of micellar water, eventhough the product claims that it is suitable for all skin types. It will be another challenge []

Colourfulness of the Eyeliner

How do minimize the fade of the eyeliner under the eye, which will create a dull look? Another makeup tools that can change your look in a second would be the eyeliner. This magic tool can make your eyes look bigger or even smaller. It also can make the eye get a better shape. In current days, I saw in the TV that there is a new trend of applying the eyeliner to get the the creative and unique look instead of []

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