Explore Tulips in Emirgan Park

Tulips can be defined as a generally perfect love and it has its own significance based on the colors of the flowers. When we heard about Tulips, our mind immediately refers to the countries that known as the place of Tulips’ and Tulips was originated from these countries since centuries ago, which are Turkey andContinue reading “Explore Tulips in Emirgan Park”

Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir

Traveling is my other favorite thing to do beside doing the skincare routine. There won’t be a limitation of the travel destination as long as they have a fresh air and interesting sceneries. The peaceful feeling will follow the destination aura and the good mood will be existed.   Few months ago, I went toContinue reading “Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir”

Singapore Serial: Deal with the Crowd in Marina Bay

Every tourist that has a holiday in Singapore, they definitely┬ávisit Marina Bay area. This place is like ‘a must to go’ place while in Singapore because of the beautiful scenery during the daytime as well as at night and also this area has some iconic buildings. However, a crowd is always happened in this areaContinue reading “Singapore Serial: Deal with the Crowd in Marina Bay”