Yves Laroche La Belle Vie : Get the Freshness from the Body Splash

Always fresh and always fragrant would be most women have wished for. Yes, everyday ….. I told to you previously that I really love body spray or body splash because I am able to spray it exactly straight into my body skin. And I feel very fresh, fragrant and even it can boost my mood,Continue reading “Yves Laroche La Belle Vie : Get the Freshness from the Body Splash”

Keep Fresh with MORRIS Body Mist Cologne

Be fresh and be happy. It means that one of the factors that can make us happy is by having our body skin feel clean and fresh. Can we have the freshness for 24 hours? As I told you previously that I prefer to spray my whole body skin with the body spray beside theContinue reading “Keep Fresh with MORRIS Body Mist Cologne”

Make Our Life Easier Through Scents

Do you believe that our life will become easier if we spray lots of fragrance in our whole body? Do you agree with the above question? At first, I didn’t agree at all because I believe that the ease in our life can be caused by our efforts that involve our brains and heart toContinue reading “Make Our Life Easier Through Scents”