Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir

Traveling is my other favorite thing to do beside doing the skincare routine. There won’t be a limitation of the travel destination as long as they have a fresh air and interesting sceneries. The peaceful feeling will follow the destination aura and the good mood will be existed.   Few months ago, I went toContinue reading “Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir”

A Healthy Life Starts from Healthy Breakfast [Healthy Serial]

How can we say YES to breakfast, especially if we are in a rush catching a train or having a morning meeting. The “NO” word will be the preferred choice. Sometimes, we prefer to have a simple and fast type of breakfast that we can have in the car or in the public transport. Actually,Continue reading “A Healthy Life Starts from Healthy Breakfast [Healthy Serial]”

Serial: Under Skin Tone and Your Makeup

Makeup is one of the essential tools for every woman. We feel incomplete if we go everywhere with no makeup. And we feel our current makeup always less complete, whereas makeup brands always produce new product range periodically for various beauty needs. I believe that we always want to keep our beauty exist everywhere weContinue reading “Serial: Under Skin Tone and Your Makeup”