The Taste of Almond Crispy Cheese

Who will say no for a snack? Actually, I won’t. I am not a typical of person who eat snacks every minutes. But I do loves snacks during my hectic hours or while bloging. There are many snacks that I prefer to have, which are chips, cookies, crackers, chocolate bar, slices of seaweed, fries, andContinue reading “The Taste of Almond Crispy Cheese”

The Benefits of Seaweed

Hi all,  I’m back with a sharing information about eating seaweed. I know that not all people like it and some people couldn’t eat it at all with the reason of a fishy taste. Usually, seaweed served with sushi or put it in the soup in the Japanese restaurant. But, sometimes people like to eatContinue reading “The Benefits of Seaweed”