[Review] : sk7 Shower Gel and Body Scrub

The scaly skin will appear in our whole skin if it does not get well-treated. However, it won’t be impossible, the scaly skin will be there even though we already treat our skin very well. That means treating our body skin everyday is a must. Sometimes, we just use any kind of soaps to cleanContinue reading “[Review] : sk7 Shower Gel and Body Scrub”

Well Moisturized by a Strawberry Soap?

Hello friends, I love any kind of skincares too much, from top to bottom of my body. I regularly curious with some skincare that attract my vision at the first sight, especially the cute packaging. Then, I continue to explore the ingredients and benefits of those from the information in the back of the packaging,Continue reading “Well Moisturized by a Strawberry Soap?”