Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir

Traveling is my other favorite thing to do beside doing the skincare routine. There won’t be a limitation of the travel destination as long as they have a fresh air and interesting sceneries. The peaceful feeling will follow the destination aura and the good mood will be existed.   Few months ago, I went toContinue reading “Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir”

What are the Stories that Interest You?

In writing the interesting blog, the attractive story is a must to have that bundled in the enjoyable sentences. The formal words should less to be used and the casual words should be in the article for about 90%. Why is that? People tend to get tired after they are doing their daily activities andContinue reading “What are the Stories that Interest You?”

The Message from Coco Movie

What do you think about the meaning of the family? For me, they always be there for better or worst. Eventhough they have different way of thinking, they absolutely always want see you at above the line of success. Actually, my blog mostly talks about beauty, traveling and a lifestyle. Those are my passions andContinue reading “The Message from Coco Movie”