Keep Your Skin Healthy during Traveling

To maintain the skin, especially the facial skin, we cannot distinguish it based on our activities. We have to do the same treatment to our skin whether we are on traveling or just stay in the home town, because our skin need the regular treatment everyday. However, it will be complicated to bring the wholeContinue reading “Keep Your Skin Healthy during Traveling”

A Handmade Facial Mask from The Therapy

Most women wish to have moisturized and healthy skin every day and even every second. We wish to have the glowing skin that is showered naturally even-though we are only applying less makeup. This would be one of the reason why we apply a variety of skincare products for our skincare routine. However, the healthy,Continue reading “A Handmade Facial Mask from The Therapy”

Eye and Lip Make Up Remover. Yes or No?

Cleansing product is always needed to remove makeup all over our face including eyes and lip. Why? One of the reason is we don’t want the chemical ingredients that are contained in most cosmetic products stay in our face for more than 12 hours. Those will close the skin pores and the skin becomes unhealthy.Continue reading “Eye and Lip Make Up Remover. Yes or No?”