Pulang … |Itinerary Melbourne Day 1

Setelah pandemi usai, saya memiliki rencana untuk mengunjungi kota Melbourne, Australia. Kota dimana saya menemukan rumah untuk hati saya. Pada artikel ini, saya share Itinerary Melbourne Day 1 yang benar-benar akan saya aplikasikan pada perjalanan saya ke Melbourne.

Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey

As a beauty blogger, the things that I won’t forget to bring during traveling are the skincare products and cosmetics. And as a travel blogger, I always curious to try local foods and beverages everywhere I travel. Basically, every city and country have their own typical foods and beverages, which sometimes we could not findContinue reading “Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey”

To Get the Proper Look with Less Makeup during Traveling

Who wants to bring a lot of makeup during traveling? Who desires to be pretty during holiday? Who need to have a fresh looking during the break? I am responsible to answer those questions because my answer would be “ME”. The issue would be “how to be pretty in the simple way? ” Actually, thisContinue reading “To Get the Proper Look with Less Makeup during Traveling”