Kulit Tangan Jadi Kering Karena Cuci Tangan Terus

Kulit tangan menjadi kering merupakan hal yang wajar karena kita kerap melakukan cuci tangan. Hal tersebut harus tetap dilakukan, tapi bagaimana caranya agar kulit tangan tetap terjaga kondisinya.

Keep Moisturized Your Skin during a LONG HOLIDAY!

Having a moisturized body skin is really important, which is not only for women but also for men. It is not about the beauty, but it is for the healthy skin purpose. The skin will be protected from drought and will have the chewy skin instead. As we know that our skin always face varietyContinue reading “Keep Moisturized Your Skin during a LONG HOLIDAY!”

The Magic of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Hi everyone ….. Honestly, at first I don’t what is the function of the Vaseline jelly. I thought this one is used as a lotion or as a lip balm only. I was really curious at that time and I browsed lots of information about the real function and benefit for the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.Continue reading “The Magic of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly”