Keseruan Offroad di Pangalengan, Indonesia

Menikmati pemandangan alam tidak harus jauh-jauh pergi ke luar negeri, apalagi di masa pandemi ini. Gunung Nini di Pangalengan, Indonesia dapat menjadi salah satu alternatif untuk menikmati pemandangan alam di pagi hari dan juga melakukan aktivitas Offroad.

Enjoy the weekend at Por Qué No Restaurant

Where can we find the comfort place with a great view to spend the weekend? Do you ever feel bored sitting in the restaurant or cafe at the mall during weekend? I do. Sometimes, I feel bored and need another places to go on Saturday with less crowd. I like to spend my time inContinue reading “Enjoy the weekend at Por Qué No Restaurant”

Beauty Routines on a weekend

Hi everyone, For me, the weekend time is a heaven, especially to do the beauty routines. After tiring days during weekdays, facial skin need special treatments at the end of the week, which are Saturday and Sunday. I usually do the skincare treatment every Wednesday and Sunday. I choose Wednesday, because it is in theContinue reading “Beauty Routines on a weekend”