My Itinerary while in Perth for FOUR days

In facing a non-stop hectic daily activities, which sometimes can be monotonous, we need some times to refresh our mind to get the healthy body and also a happy feeling. We also wish that we will fresher our whole body after a long holiday or just a short break and ready for the further activities.Continue reading “My Itinerary while in Perth for FOUR days”

Black Swan under the Blue Sky

Kadang aku merindukan suatu taman yang nyaman, aman untuk beraktivitas mulai dari berolahraga, menikmati pemandangan, menghirup udara segar atau hanya duduk – duduk santai melepas segala macam penat. Tempat yang tidak memberikan perasaan takut atau was-was dan yang paling penting adalah tanpa harus mengeluarkan biaya sedikitpun. Dengan berbagai macam informasi mengenai kota Perth, Western Australia,Continue reading “Black Swan under the Blue Sky”

A Beautiful Sky in Swan River

The clean air, beautiful sky, perfect weather, comfortable environment and surround with friendly people will be the best elements that I need for refresh my mind. I can find those for free for hours even for days or for months. I could just sit there to enjoy the breeze without any worries about the criminalsContinue reading “A Beautiful Sky in Swan River”